Summer Leagues 2021 Season
Day of Week League Name Time League Type Date
Monday 8-pin No Tap
11:30 am 2-member, mixed handicap
$10 / week
 Jun 7th - Aug 9th
Sport Shot* 6:30 pm 1-person scratch & handicap
$20 / week
Jun 7th - Jul 26th
Tuesday Summer Bowl n Brew* 6:30 pm 3-member, mixed handicap
$15 / week
Jun 8th - Aug 10th
Wednesday UP & AT 'EM*
Limited to 10 teams
10:00 am 3-member, mixed handicap
$10 / week
Jun 9th - Aug 11th
Thursday 6 Week Trio* 6:30 pm 3-member, mixed handicap 600 cap
$90 / person
Jun 10th - Jul 15th

* - These leagues will be Certified and a USBC Card is required

Standing Sheets

All leagues subject to change due to COVID restrictions.
Face Masks or Face Shields will be required!

  League Bowler Message - Please read!

Please e-mail or call if you are interested in joining any of the above leagues.